The Bratpack

Bratpack Diaper Bag Fits in Pocket


Not your average diaper bag

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Ditch the Stuff

Hold your kid!


Introducing the Bratpack

The "just right" size bag


Fits everything you need

and nothing you don't

Bratpack Baby Diaper Bag Replacement Front

Cut the crap - pack the essentials. Discover the Bratpack.

Babies come with a lot of “stuff.” And you know what? You don’t really need all that stuff every time you leave the house. The Bratpack is my solution to an excessive baby gear problem. It’s a minimalist portable baby changing station and necessities holder bag constructed from durable, hiking gear material. It holds everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Bratpack Baby Diaper Bag Replacement Packed Full

Exterior Features:

8” x 5” when folded shut. Rugged material used in high-end backpacks and outdoor gear. Heavy-duty carabiner clip attaches to stroller, larger bag, or backpack. Hook and loop closure that’s easy to open but stays shut. MOLLE system for attaching MOLLE compatible gear.

Bratpack Diaper Bag and Baby Changing Station

Interior Features:

Expandable elastic pockets hold several diapers and wipes. Easy-to-clean changing pad. Clear zippered pouch to hold essentials like cream, sunscreen, pacifiers. Small bottle holder. Versatile elastic gear stash system. Water-resistant zippered pouch perfect for valuables or wet clothes.

See the Bratpack in action.

The Bratpack has been thoroughly tested for safety by Bureau Veritas Product Testing.

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The Bratpack


Bratpack The Bratpack The Bratpack The Bratpack The Bratpack The Bratpack

‌• 8” x  5” when folded shut

‌• Expandable elastic pockets hold several diapers and wipes

‌• Clear zippered pouch to hold essentials like cream, sunscreen, pacifiers

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Husband Wife and Baby
“I like the tactical look, the simplicity of design, and having everything I need in one spot. We like to leave a loaded Bratpack in the car so we always have what we need when we’re out.”

– Jared Herschend

Husband Wife and Baby
“The Bratpack is an easy-to-use, rough and tough solution for when the diaper bag is just too much — a must-have for parents who dread carrying around unnecessary things.”

– Kelly Bailey

"As a new mom, I felt like I never had two hands. The Bratpack allowed me to carry the necessities to run a quick errand without limiting my ability to function. It was so easy to just clip onto my belt rather than slinging around a large diaper bag."

– Heather Krohne

"My two-year-old and I can’t leave home without our Bratpack. It’s so easy to throw in the car and have everything we need for a day out, and it’s small enough that she loves to carry it around herself. I can’t believe I lugged that big diaper bag around for so long."

– Steve Kelly

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