The Bratpack

Bill Lobe - Inventor of the Bratpack

The Story Behind The Bratpack

I’m Bill Lobe – the guy who invented the Bratpack. I’m an avid hiker – as in, Appalachian Trail through-hiker (6 months, 2,167 miles, from Maine to Georgia). As any hiker will tell you, the more stuff you have, the longer and harder that hike is going to feel. When my wife, Megan, and I had our first kid, I saw that giant diaper bag and freaked out. It just didn’t make sense to carry a bunch of stuff we didn’t need. I researched other options and couldn’t find any carrier that was compact and durable, so I decided to make my own.

Rubber Band Diaper Bag

I hated big, clunky diaper bags so I wrapped the essentials in a rubber band!

Bratpack - Diaper Bag Replacement Prototype being made

I sketched out some designs, broke out the sewing machine, and went to work. Six prototypes later, I was ready to road test my “bag,” which was really more of a big wallet. Everywhere I went, people asked about it and wanted one of their own. I started making some for friends and eventually, I couldn’t sew fast enough to keep up with the demand! I sourced some manufacturers and here we are, ready to roll the Bratpack out into the world! (Yep, I sewed the initial prototypes myself!)

Bratpack - Diaper Bag Replacement Prototypes

Some of my early sketches and home-sewn prototypes

I know there are a lot of moms and dads out there who want to take the kids everywhere without being weighed down by a bunch of stuff. I hope the Bratpack will give you the chance to carry the essentials you need and the freedom to go! Take the kids for a run, hike, bike — or just up to the store — without taking half the house with you.

Bratpack - Diaper Bag Replacement Logo

About the Logo

Once I designed the bag, I realized I needed a logo, so I created one! I played around with various symbols in sacred geometry. What I ended up with is a 12-pointed star in the middle of a dodecahedron.

Bratpack - Diaper Bag Replacement Prototype Logo Design Process

The dodecahedron symbolizes the universe and the star represents humans. As parents, our children are at the center of our universe. When you strip away all the baby gear and “stuff,” the Bratpack logo is a reminder of what’s truly important in life: your child. That’s why we say: “Ditch the stuff — hold your kid.”

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